January 22-February 11, 2018


1st Prize: 3 Month Unlimited

2nd Prize: One Day Detox Retreat

3rd Prize: $100 AZIAM Retail Gift Card


Free Meditations!

Make 2018 the year to focus your mind to align with your innate purpose with our Free Meditations both downloadable and at the studio.

Daily Health Tips!

All AZIAM instructors are experts in the fields of Wellness & Fitness, each with a specific focus ranging from Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss, Body Shaping, Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy.

Free Recipes!

We have you covered with countless recipes for healthy Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs, Soups, Meal planning and preparation.

Sign up for the AZIAM Yoga Challenge today!

Here's how it works! The persons with the most points over 200 at the end of 30 days wins from the prizes listed above. Here's how to win points!:

  • Take a class at AZIAM   ...   10 pts
  • Take a Meditation class at AZIAM   ...   15 pts
  • Take 3 classes in 1 week with different teachers at AZIAM   ...   60 pts
  • Sign up for a One Day Detox Retreat   ...   50 pts
  • Sign up for a Sound Bath   ...   15 pts
  • Bring a friend to class who is new to AZIAM   ...   30 pts
  • Follow @aziamyoga on Instagram  ...  20 pts
  • Give AZIAM a 5 star Review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook  ...  20 pts ea
  • Check in/tag/post a status update on social media at AZIAM ... 15 pts ea
  • Digital Detox - 1 full day without your smartphone, social media or TV (phone records as proof 🙂 ) ... 150 points

2018 Here We Come!

Clear & Focused Mind

Healthy & Fit Body

Aligned & Synchronized Soul

I AM the Best Me

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